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GUARANT International

GUARANT International is a leading organizer of congress and conference services in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Since being founded in 1991, they have gained extensive experience in the preparation and organization of large and small, national and international congresses, conferences, seminars and other similar events. Their team of 110 professionals organizes annually 50 to 80 events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

GUARANT International provides:

Since 1995, the first Czech PCO, GUARANT International has been investing in the active support of candidacies of Czech associations and companies in international congresses.

GUARANT International also provides association management services to 25 Czech and foreign professional companies. 

Most recently, the company also offers services in Venue Management by operating conferences in historic premises like Kaiserštejnský Palace, Malostranský Palace, Velkopřevorský Palace or modern venue of the City Conference Center.

In 2017 GUARANT International organized 50 congresses, conferences and coroporate events in the Czech Republic and 15 events abroad in 9 European countries.

For more information, please visit www.guarant.cz or check out our profile on FacebookLinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube.

The 2017 Annual Report is available here.

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