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Real Cases In Point

The City Conference Centre (KCC) has space for complete rental.
The property owner was not satisfied with the original tenant and decided to look for an alternative. As a result, Guarant International was approached and ready to offer an inclusive, large-scale investment into the interior of KCC. The building owner accepted the offer and since then they have held a long-term lease with Guarant, hired their own staff, created web pages and execute active business activities, which Guarant pays a fixed rent and energy for.

(We also work under the same conditions in our cooperation with Kaiserštejn Palace.)

The Vocational House at Malostranský Palace has space for commercial representation.
The property owner wanted to increase the available size of their premises and soon after an offer for the space was prepared, accepted and currently commercially represented by Guarant and Malostranský Palace. This is exclusive commercial representation and investments as in the case of KCC have not been made. Nonetheless, they have hired personal staff, created websites and carry out business activities. Guarant is paid a commission for obtaining space rentals.

(We also work under the same conditions in our cooperation with Velkopřevorský Palace.)

The National Technical Library operates a café, which is part of the building.
The property owner had announced a tender for taking over café operations and our partner company Intercatering (www.intercatering.cz) won the tender. Intercatering is now the operator of the café, along with their own sales and marketing activities.

(We also work under the same conditions in our cooperation with the National Technical Museum.)

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