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Do You Own Space?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we gladly offer you our services.

We offer three basic options for cooperation.

a) Space For Complete Rental. Guarant International has all spaces under lease, we use our own staff and we provide custom business and marketing activities. We have a fixed rent with the owners and upon agreement with them we are able to invest into the space (e.g. the purchasing of chairs, tables, interior accessories, AV equipment, etc.).

b) Space For Commercial Representation. Guarant International does not have these spaces under lease. The spaces are represented by our business partners, which includes marketing activities, and Guarant is paid a commission. The amount of commission is arranged ad hoc.

c) In cooperation with our partner Intercatering (www.intercatering.cz), which operates comprehensive catering activities.

If you did not choose from any of our basic offers, we are able to prepare a project proposal that meets your needs and specifications.

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